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Tashkent hosted the Uzbek-Turkmen Economic Forum


To the attention of entrepreneurs!


The CCI hosted a meeting with the Director of the Association of Spanish Equipment Manufacturers for Eastern Europe and the CIS.


A meeting with representatives of the "Siemens" company took place.

6.10.21 - 8.10.21

Textile and Fashion Industry

6.10.21 - 8.10.21

Textile Equipment and Technologies


Ministry of Internal Affairs


Министерство Минобороны Республики Узбекистан И активный


The Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Russian Federation



10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan Book Launch

TASHKENT, June 17, 2016 —  Radisson Blu Tashkent hosts the presentation of 10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan book. Prepared to print in English and Russian languages, the eye-catching de luxe edition is designed to further attract the attention of international audience to the tourism potential of Uzbekistan. The book was issued by Dinara&Co. Publishing with the support of Murad Buildings, one of the most innovative development and construction companies in Uzbekistan.

On 304 highly visual pages the book presents masterpieces of photography some specially made for the project, others taken from the 15 years long archives. More than 250 works of the prominent photographer Ernest Kurtveliev reflect an extraordinary atmosphere, picturesque nature and marvellous architecture of the country, as well as authentic lifestyle of openhearted people.


The publication is expected to be interesting not only to international audience, but also to Uzbek citizen, as it contains rare photographs from all over the country, both famous and less-known itineraries, events and ideas.

In addition to 10 reasons to visit Uzbekistan, the book includes a calendar of events, offering hundreds of reasons to start a journey at any time of the year. Virtually every page attracts to an exciting discovery, adventure and cognition.

One of the leading development and construction companies Murad Buildings supported the project. The founder of the company Mr. Murad Nazarov inspired the team as a creative director providing ideas on presenting the best what Uzbekistan has to offer.   

Combining creativity and world experience in luxury publishing, the team of young publishing company – Dinara & Co has developed this project during the last six months. Along with the talented professionals from Uzbekistan, international editors and consultants from the United States, Great Britain and France have contributed to the preparation of the book. According to international experts, the result is on a par with the top international publications and reflects the best what the country has to offer in terms of unique heritage and contemporary life. Thus, the book can be a unique gift for VIP guests, tourists and all those who feel special about the country.


Uniting talented content-makers, designers, photographers and experts, the company is planning to publish a series of such luxury editions dedicated to various areas of development of Uzbekistan. Architecture, conceptual art and crafts, gastronomy and lifestyle, industry and local business, investment potential of Uzbekistan will be presented in a new perspective, on colourful and splendid pages in the collection of publications by Dinara & Co. The team will focus on innovative technologies and remain open to new and interesting ideas while working on every project.

A special web page was developed for this project which an option to review and order a book online: uzbekistanbook.dinara.co



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