Attention entrepreneurs!


Tashkent hosted the Uzbek-Turkmen Economic Forum


To the attention of entrepreneurs!


The CCI hosted a meeting with the Director of the Association of Spanish Equipment Manufacturers for Eastern Europe and the CIS.


A meeting with representatives of the "Siemens" company took place.

6.10.21 - 8.10.21

Textile and Fashion Industry

6.10.21 - 8.10.21

Textile Equipment and Technologies


Ministry of Internal Affairs


Министерство Минобороны Республики Узбекистан И активный


The Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Russian Federation



Tashkent International Arbitration Center

The TIAC Court of Arbitration is a fully autonomous organ within the TIAC (“Centre”) and is the only body within the Centre’s structure that administers the disputes according to the TIAC Rules of Arbitration in complete independence from the Centre, its founders, the Director or any other entities. The TIAC Court of Arbitration is assisted by the TIAC Secretariat.

In order to avoid issues of conflict of interest and to maintain the strictest standards of impartiality, independence and neutrality, the Centre has introduced the rule that no Member of the TIAC Court of Arbitration, nor the TIAC Director or the TIAC Deputy Director can act as arbitrators under the TIAC Rules of Arbitration during the term of service.

The TIAC Court of Arbitration consists of the odd number of prominent arbitrators and members of the arbitration community. The Uzbek nationals can comprise up to 20 percent of the Members of the TIAC Court of Arbitration.

The exclusive powers of the TIAC Court of Arbitration:

  • confirming, appointing or replacing the arbitrators

  • fixing the arbitration costs and overseeing the arbitral process

  • scrutinizing the awards to ensure their enforceability

As of 1 April 2019, the TIAC Court of Arbitration is composed of the following prominent arbitration practitioners:

1.Stanimir Alexandrov (Bulgaria)

2.Dirk De Meulemeester (Belgium)

3.Olena Perepelynska (Ukraine)

4.Aybek Akhmedov (Uzbekistan)

5.Ilia Putilin (Russia)


TIAC Arbitration Court website https://www.tiac.uz/

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