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Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)

Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)

announces a competition for the following position: 


Vacancy name



The Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC)


Almaty, Kazakhstan

Starting date

January 2023

Duration and contract type

January 2024

Service contract

Vacancy Closing Date:

December 15, 2022



The Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC) is an independent, non-profit, non-political organization of international character that assists Central Asian governments and regional and international partners in addressing environmental and sustainable development issues in the Central Asian region. By promoting dialogue and cooperation among all stakeholders involved in the environmental protection process, CAREC is today a leading regional knowledge center on environment and sustainable development recognized by national, regional and international partners.

1.    Project: REAP is a 4-year project (2020-2024) supported by the European Union (EU) under the SWITCH Asia Programme. This programme emphasizes sustainable consumption and production in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). REAP is targeted specifically at the agri-food production and processing sector in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It aims to introduce resource efficiency practices and technologies that lead to improved environmental quality and combat pollution.

Website: https://reap-centralasia.org/

2.    Video Objective:

Dissemination of success of the REAP project activities to all stakeholders, through demonstration of approach, results, testimonies from different stakeholders and showcases from select SMEs showing before and after situation.

3.    Video Length:  1 Video - 15-20 minutes, 2 Video – 2-3 minutes trailer.

4.    Deliverables: Outputs, activities, topics and technical requirements.





Project video 

Video narrative and story line of the activities and outcomes of the project captured through footage including audio

 of enterprise testimonies from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan:

a.      Video focuses on highlighting the activities of the REAP project in promoting SCP practices in Uzbekistan

 and Tajikistan to all stakeholders, beneficiaries and donors. It will demonstrate approach, results, and testimonies

 from different stakeholders and showcases from select SMEs showing before and after situation.

The language requirements are specified in section 6. (developed in collaboration with CAREC and TERI).



Photographs (total) of on ground enterprise activities and project activities in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan



Following topics must be covered in the video, the sequence should be discussed between team member & videographer (developed in collaboration with CAREC and TERI).

·        Introduction: project funded by, multi-country project, different partners

·        Objective: project objective

·        Activities brief: Different activities can be also combined within video testimonies of project managers(PM)

·        Implementation process: RECP measures implementation approach in industries (can be clubbed with one of the Project Manager testimony.

·        4 case studies: onsite video of SCP measure implementation, two MSMEs per country, before and after video, industry representative testimony & explaining one or 2 technology implementation & annual monitory savings contributed from total number of implementations carried out at their industry.

·        Other activities

·             Training of Trainers (ToTs) – Interview Technical Consultant

·             FI – Interview one Bank representative

·             Policy Dialogue – Interview with the stakeholders

·             Progress on the SCP cells- Interview with relevant stakeholder/project team

·             Video testimonies:

·          PM (CAREC)

·          PM (STENUM, TERI, Adelphi, AREC)

·          PM (CCIU, NASMBRT)

·          EU delegate

·        Achievements (Stats, before and after videos) (should be updated end of January 2024)

5.    Activities:

·        Travel to various locations in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan where the MSMEs are active and project activities take place to capture multimedia to effectively demonstrate the activities and outcomes of the REAP project.

·        Capture footage and audio quotes from the MSMEs’ leader/ manager, their partners and beneficiaries (where possible) and information on the MSMEs’ progress, in particular the impacts they have made from implementing resource efficiency activities. Capture before and then after footage to add to final version of the video.

·        Capture additional footage of the MSMEs doing their day to day activities, integrating resource efficiency etc. to support the narrative of each showcase.

·        Capture photographs of the MSMEs doing their day to day activities, integrating resource efficiency etc.

·        In the shooting preparation, CAREC and TERI team will provide a summary of each MSMEs, including their main business area and any aspects relating to social, environmental and economic objectives.

6.    Technical requirements of deliverables

Final output: Final video outputs to be in Full HD 1080.

·        Final video versions and photographs to be delivered by large file transfer to CAREC team. CAREC team may also request the working project files (with a preference on the use of Adobe Premier Pro software) and all associated linked media.

Raw footage: All raw film footage must be captured in Full HD 1080.

·        All raw footage, audio and images, to be delivered via large file transfer such as

Dropbox, or via post on a hard drive. A copy of all original materials should remain with the video team until it has been securely backed up on the CAREC servers.

·        The following basic formats are required

Film footage .MOV format or .MPEG4 or any commonly used format

Audio if captured separately .WAV or .MP3 format

Organisation of material: All materials must be included in folders clearly labelled and dated.

·        Footage and Audio (if captured externally) is to be named and ordered in alphanumerical format. Starting at 1 (e.g. abc0001.mov or abc0001.wav)

·        In the event that audio is captured externally, file numbering must allow for easy identification for audio syncing.

·        All material captured, including video files, audio files and any photographic images, should be provided to CAREC in an organised and easy to understand format, following completion of the services.

Audio files: All audio must be clear and interview audio free from background noise as much as possible.

Translations/Subtitles: The video will be in English language with the English voiceover and subtitles when necessary, for example when the speaker uses a different language (Russian, Uzbek, Tajik). The second version of the video will have only Russian subtitles. 

Translations can be produced in collaboration with REAP local project partners.

Property ownership: Media captured including all film, audio and photographs (edited or raw) remain the property of CAREC, consortia partners and the EU, and cannot be used for any other purposes than this contract.


Please send your:

·        Commercial offer

·        Portfolio

·        Other relevant documents (optional).

Please submit these to: valeriya@reap-centralasia.org  with copy to esdassistant@carececo.org  by December 15 2022;

The subject of the email must be: REAP Videographer Candidate




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