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Uzbekistan banking system’s potential on display at BankExpo-2016

It is organized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the assistance of committees of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis on budget and economic reforms, on information and communication technologies, the Banking Association of Uzbekistan and the “Kamolot” Youth Public Movement.

The banking system in our country has been radically reformed and is undergoing further liberalization, demonstrated by increasing the level of capitalization and expanding the investment activity of banks. For example, only in 2015 the total capital of the banking system increased by 23.3 percent in comparison with the year 2014 and reached 7.8 trillion soums. Over the past 5 years this figure increased by 2.4 times. The capital adequacy ratio of the domestic banking system is almost 24 percent, which is 3 times higher than the generally accepted international standards, and its liquidity - 2 times higher than the highest indicator assessments.

As noted by the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Haydarov, chairman of the Association of banks S.Abdullaev, at present 26 banks with more than 800 branches and offices effectively operate in our country. In recent years, they have introduced various types of attractive deposits at market rates, developed payment system for debit cards.

All commercial banks, leading insurance, leasing and investment companies of Uzbekistan, representing the latest technologies and services in the banking and financial sector, as well as companies involved in the development IT products for financial institutions take part at the BankExpo-2016 exhibition.

The stand of the Bank "Asaka" bank is crowded. In an effort to cooperate with the widest range of participants in the economic life of the country, the bank aims to meet the diverse needs of business entities regardless of their form of ownership and the scope of activities, as well as all social strata. The Bank provides services on debit cards, leasing, educational loans, deposits, offers entrepreneurs loans in foreign lines for investment projects.

A wide range of services to individuals and legal entities is also offered by JSCB "Uzpromstroybank". The specialists of this bank explain the opportunities available using the most advanced technologies. Among them are services "Bank-Client", "Corporate Internet Banking", "Personal Account", "the SMS-banking", "Mobile Banking", "Mobile communal inspector" and " Call-Center".

- Since the beginning of this month, we have implemented a system of biometric identification of depositors when making deposit operations, which guarantees the protection of deposits, - said the head of the department of the JSCB "Uzpromstroybank" Sh.Gulturaev. - This system eliminates the possibility of deposit operations without the participation of the account holder. At the exhibition, we present a special monitor on which our customers are able in real time to get acquainted with the operations carried out on their deposits.

For the ninth consecutive year the exhibition is attended by the JSC "Aloqabank", which has been increasing the availability of loans to the population, offering a variety of ways of their repayment. In addition, the Bank finances investment projects and programs, aimed at attracting advanced technologies in our country, modernization and technical re-equipment of enterprises.

- We focus on the popularization of our interactive services, - said deputy chairman of "Aloqabank" H.Rahmatov. – Currently, there are over ten interactive services. For example, our bank together with the «Click LLC» company provides an opportunity to debit card-holders to pay for various services in real-time via «Click» system. We also offer our customers a modern service of remote banking through a mobile phone.

The exhibition also demonstrates services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, "Tadbirkor Ayol" and "Hunarmand" Associations, other organizations working closely with the banks in business support, in particular, supporting the business plans of graduates of professional colleges. New modern types of services are offered also by insurance companies.

The winners of the tenders for projects supported by the commercial banks to small businesses and private entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurs will be announced at the end of the exhibition. They will be presented with certificates for a preferential loan. 

Mehribon Mametova, UzA ​



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