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The visit of the Uzbek delegation to Turkey continues


Delegation of the CCI on a working visit to the Republic of Turkey


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Meeting of the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus

18.06.22 - 23.06.22

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President Explores the Activity of New Fish-Breeding Enterprise in Karmana

Vital significance is attached in Uzbekistan to the accelerated development of agriculture, the fishing industry in particular. Steadfast efforts are underway to promote fish farms, create new hatcheries, shore up the feed base, introduce modern technologies, improve the processing system and boost exports. An important guide for action on this front is the resolution signed by the President of our country on 6 November 2018 for additional measures to further the development of the fishing industry in Uzbekistan.

Thanks to the attention paid to the field, Export Fish Product LLC was launched in the Karmana district in December 2018. The total value of the company is 37 billion soums, of which 30 billion soums is a bank loan, 7 billion are own investments. Closed-type reservoirs, a freeze warehouse with a capacity of 500 tons have been built here along with a recreational area with a public catering center and a fishing spot. 50 jobs have been created.

With the full-capacity output of the enterprise, 500 tons of fish and 100 million fry will be produced here. In the future, the company intends to attract 800 families to intensive fish farming, which will ensure employment of about 900 people. In an area of 2 thousand hectares by the lake, harvesting of fish products under the cluster method is anticipated. This will allow for the production of fish meal, fat, fillets, canned food, fish cakes and smoked products. 600 tons of finished products is planned to be exported.

During his trip to Navoi region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been familiarized with the activities of this enterprise.

“The more goods are produced, the stronger is the competition, and strong competition leads to higher quality, while high-quality products determine export success,” the head of state suggested. “Following these simple truths, we will make richer both the people and the state.”

A presentation on the creation of clusters in various areas of agriculture and the improvement of pasture conditions was also held.

Among the projects presented is the production of equipment for irrigation of crops by artificial sprinkling. The project, initiated by NAVOIY ISHONCH GILAMLARI LLC, operating in the Navoi Free Economic Zone, envisages reduction in the consumption of water, fuel and mineral fertilizers and mineral fertilizers. The total cost of the project is 41 billion soums, 50 jobs will be created.

In addition, special attention in the region is paid to the development of animal husbandry. In particular, Konimech Techno Oasis LLC is implementing a project to develop camel, horse and sheep breeding, which provides for the import of 900 heads of camels, horses and purebred sheep. It is planned to open a riding school and train riders.

Having familiarized himself with the projects, the head of state made recommendations on how to increase the number of fish-breeding and livestock-breeding enterprises, increase the fertility of the soil, and efficiently use household lands.



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