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Webinar on: "Agribusiness in Uzbekistan"

On June 30, 2020 at 10:30 (British time) a webinar will be held on the topic: “Agribusiness in Uzbekistan”.

Agriculture accounts for around 28% of the Uzbekistan's GDP and has been undergoing significant changes as new technologies, farming techniques, and corporate structures are introduced. Five superb speakers will explain these developments, drawing on the examples of their own companies.

As new technologies and agricultural practices are introduced, significant changes are taking place in this area.

In this regard, five speakers are ready to help those, who involved in agribusiness and want to be in step with time. They will tell you how to get succeed with the examples of their companies.

Speakers: Simon Glancy - Managing Director, Stragetic Solutions;

Igor Kolesnikov - General Director of British American Tobacco;

Weiss Kays - Founder and CEO of Afgan Knowledge Solutions

Bekzod Mamatkulov - Chairman of BMB Trade Group

Khusan Khaidarov - Commercial Director, GDF Export

Interested parties are requested to participate.

Register to join the webinar by Zoom at the link below:



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