11.03.2020 1363

Welcome to the “MEGA SHOPPING FESTIVAL” in India

From March 27 to April 5, 2020, the First Edition of “MEGA SHOPPING FESTIVAL” will be held in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat State (India).

During this event, meetings will be organized in the formats "B2B" and "B2C".

B2B segment would display products from the areas of textiles, leather, handicrafts, gems and jewellery, carpets, tourism, plastics, agriculture. B2C segment will focus on the same areas including tribal arts and crafts, processed foods, cosmetics and electrical appliances and electronic items, toys, furniture and new innovative products.

To participate in this festival, please fill out the application form at this link and send it by e-mail below.

Also, from May 8 to 17, 2020 in Bangalore (India) will be held the Second Edition of “MEGA SHOPPING FESTIVAL”. Link to the application form for participation.

For further information, email Samson@cleindia.com or imdbsml@cleindia.com, person in charge is Elliot Samson.


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