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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCI) reports that the Special American business internship program (SABIT) has announced the recruitment of candidates for a 2-week internship in the United States.

The direction of the internship:

"Agribusiness: Innovation and efficiency"

Internship period: from 8 to 22 February 2020.

Language of internship: Russian and English

Date of receipt of documents: until December 13, 2019.

Applicants should submit the entire application packet in one .pdf format document.

The application packet must include:

 - Application form – with responses in Russian and English. Do not leave any questions blank. If you have no answer, put N/A (Not Applicable).  

Letter of recommendation -- The letter should be on company letterhead from your supervisor and should be signed. It should include permission to participate on the program and should list the dates: February 8-22, 2020. The letter should be in Russian and English.

• Copy of the first page (bio page) of your international passport 

Applicants who will pass the selection, the American side covers the cost of round-trip air tickets to the United States (from Moscow), hotel accommodation, a comprehensive training program, translation services, medical insurance, as well as a scholarship to compensate the cost of food and additional costs. Visa costs, as well as air tickets "Tashkent-Moscow-Tashkent" at the expense of participants.

The main criteria for participation in the selection of candidates:

  • The internship is intended for managers of organizations engaged in agribusiness, or senior managers responsible for certain areas of agriculture in their organizations.
  • Experience of the candidate as the head of the middle or senior management-not less than 3 years.
  • Higher education.
  • Fluency in Russian or English.


  • The participant's application form and recommendation letter must be written in both English and Russian;
  • All questions in the questionnaire are mandatory, do not leave blank fields. If you do not have the answer to the question, specify "not Applicable" (Not Applicable);
  • The entire package of application materials should be submitted in one document in the format .PDF;
  • The file must be sent by e-mail to the SABIT representative at the following address: alem.abubakirova@trade.gov, it is necessary to put in a copy (cc) of the General e-mail address of the Program SABIT@trade.gov, as well as a CCI employee (i.aliev@chamber.uz)
  • The subject of the e-mail should consist of the following data: the name of the program for participation in which you apply (in this case "Agribusiness"), your name and surname, your country;
  • Applications sent by multiple files will not be considered. Documents in the archives .RAR are not accepted.

Application can be downloaded here

For more information, please call:

(+998 78) 150-60-06, as well as on the website: www.chamber.uz


CCI Press service